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Award Winning Image

By John Pattenden

March 10th, 2010

One of the images that we have as a jigsaw puzzle won an award recently.  The image is called Beard’s Opera House and it is by Chuck Uebele.  The award was from The National Association of Photoshop Users and it was the 2009 Photoshop World Guru Award for excellence in Photoshop Design and it was for his illustration.  The background to this illustration is fascinating so here is the story that led to this award winning piece.

Beard’s Opera House
Chucks Great-great grandfather William Beard built an opera house in North Woodstock, NH in 1897. It burned down in 1908 along with the Fairfield hotel, which was located next to the opera house and was owned by William’s uncle.  Many years ago, Chuck got to visit the town and went looking for the opera house, not realizing that it had burnt down. The town historian informed me of the fire, but also told me that he had the original blue prints for the opera house. He made him a set, and  he proceeded to recreate the opera house in a CAD program. He then took a hidden line drawing from the CAD program and brought it into photoshop to render the scene. Oddly, the only part on this image that was not drawn and is an actual photo are the blueprints on the sawhorse. Those from the original prints were black lines on white paper, but Chuck changed them to the cyanotype.

If you would like to see more of Chucks work do visit his website.

Now you can enjoy reconstructing  Beard’s Opera House yourself by completing this jigsaw of Chucks illustration.