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Level 1

Just click all of the computers

Level 2

Just click all the computers again

Level 3

Click the computers that don’t have cows

Level 4

Click all the computers

Level 5

Make an x with all the computers( the white sides make the x)

Level 6

Bring all the computers upfront and click on them again.

Level 7

if you have the cow showing turn the computer that’s one closer to you, flip it, and repeat until the cow is at the front

Level 8

You have to click the computers in order. (x equals turned)

Level 9

Make a chess board crisscross by turning the computers(don’t turn the pawn)

Level 10

Look to the left, and you see a computer with a cow. Make the cow design by sliding around the tiles.

Get the top 3 lined up (because they are the easiest to identify, look at the picture on the small monitor) then muck around with the other 5 until you crack it. bottom left is the blank.

Level 11

click furthest center screen, then furthest right and furthest left screens, click on center screen, lastly click on the nearest center screen.

tip: the one you click always triggers the ones surrounding it.

Level 12

turn all screen to blue

Level 13

click the center screen, click the nearest right screen, click the screen located on the left side of the center screen, click the most left screen, click on the furthest center screen, click on the furthest right screen (in front of the nearest one). Now left with 2 screens, click on the further one then the nearer one

Level 14

click on the nearest screen, click all the screens twice on the left and right sides, lastly click the furthest screen three times

Level 15

have all the screens with same color! — pink

Level 16

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
click screen 9, follow by 12, 3, 1, 6, 15, 11, and finally 16 yay~~

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