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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

By John M Pattenden

March 1st, 2012

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Samgine has two different puzzles for your holiday enjoyment. Firstly, we have a holiday edition of our original polyGone series. The goal of this puzzle is to find the misaligned shamrock shapes in each of these St. Patrick’s Day images and click on them. There are nine misaligned shamrocks on each image of nine holiday pictures. Some of the pictures are drawn from vintage postcards that go back before 1923.   We also provide solutions on our site.  To play this polyGone click here.

The second St. Patrick’s Day puzzle is a jigsaw. The picture for this jigsaw is a vintage postcard of Killarn and was originally produces in the early nineteenth century to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Click here to solve this holiday jigsaw.