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Jigsaw Puzzle Artists

By John Pattenden

March 4th, 2010

Samgine has recently launched its new jigsaw puzzle series.  When we set out to build this online version of the classic puzzle we wanted it to be a “cut” above the others that could be found online.  Apart from some of the features that were programmed into the Flash program we also wanted top quality images.  To that end we approach a number of photographic artists with excellent portfolios to collaborate with the project. In alphabetical order, here are some details of the artists that are featured in the puzzles.

Pam Borrelli
Pam has been a life long photographer and creates wonderful portraits and landscapes.  In her own words, her images evoke an ethereal quality while capturing images that preserve precious memories.  Do visit her site and enjoy her portfolio of work.   For an example of Pam’s puzzle images try this derelict car jigsaw with its wonderful textures in the rusting old body.

Mike Green
Mike is a  traveling Radiation Therapist and he loves to take photographs on his travels.  He then loves to work on the images in Photoshop.  Checkout his gallery on Picasa.   Here is Mikes image of a Bison cow and calf as a puzzle.

Sue and Bob Hanson
Sue and Bob (Swede) live and operate a photographic services business out of Palm Coast Florida.  They have a shared interest in photography and offer a wide variety of  services through Global Images site. Do check out their website for the extensive photo archive. For an example of their images, try the Clear lake reflection jigsaw puzzle.

Vincent James
Vincent is another of our  photographers living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His  interests range from natural abstracts and details to seascapes, landscapes and urban night and low light photography.  Do visit his website to view a collection of his featured work.  For an example of his work, try the San Pablo bay morning puzzle.

Norrie Johnson
Norrie has a wonderful collection of bird photographs.  Visit his site and see his photo gallery.  Norrie is a professional fishing guide and his website also provides details of his fishing trips in Washington state for those interested. Try and solve Norries House Finch  jigsaw puzzle.

Ron Jones
Ron has been taking photographs for over 30 years and has used digital technology as  an artistic tool with many of his works being a composite of several images.  Visit his gallery to see many of his wonderful works.  Winter Stroll is one of Ron’s images that makes a great jigsaw puzzle.

Stephen M Kane
Steve lives in San Francisco and has taken some wonderful photographs of his city that focus on the neighborhoods rather than the classic tourist images.  Do check out these photographs and the rest of his wonderful portfolio on his website.   Checkered World make a great repeating pattern jigsaw.

Kari Kumpulainen
Kari, who lives in Finland, has a real talent for capturing macro images.  If you have ever tried taking these type of photographs you will know the challenges they present.  Try solving this jigsaw of a Fly using one of Kari’s macro shots.

Voltaire Malazarte
Alaz who lives in New York has a number of dramatic images of the bridges around NYC.  He also has some wonderful sunsets and macro shots.  To check out Alaz’s work, try this jigsaw puzzle of a lone biker.

Teresa Miller
Teresa has a wonderful collection of butterfly photographs and over time we will be publishing a number of these as jigsaws.  Do try this jigsaw puzzle of one of her butterfly images.

John Pattenden
One of the great things about running Samgine with Matt is that I have been able to push the application of the digital darkroom.  Even though I started years ago with my own black & white developing, I love what digital processing has brought to photography.  Apart from using some of my images in this series of jigsaw puzzles I’ve also been able to use them in other puzzles with some help from Flash.
Checkout our Boxed Inn which is  room escape game we built using animated photographs I shot.  Also, try solving our original puzzle game polyGone that uses images I shot of the London Eye.

For an example of my jigsaw photographs, take a look at this image I took recently in DC  of the capital building after all of the snow there.

Anthony Pecorella
Tony has a wonderful collection of photographs of the Naopa Valley.  Over time we will be publishing a number of these images as jigsaw puzzles.  Try this jigsaw entitled Purplepetals for an example of Tony’s work.

Trevor Pegler
Trevor lives in Gloucester in the UK and is a keen photographer.  He combines this interest with his love of planes and trains and has an amazing collection of photographs of many rare examples of both.  Enjoy this jigsaw of one of his steam train shots of the Black Prince.

Jane Stiles
Jane lives near Oxford in England and loves to travel and take her camera wherever she goes.  Expect interesting travel images for her jigsaw contributions.  Try out this travel jigsaw puzzle of hers that she took of a Geisha in Japan.

Glenn Taylor
Glenn has a great collection of both landscapes and urban shots.  For a great example of one of his urban shots, take a look at this jigsaw  puzzle of his photograph of a street cafe.

Chuck Uebele
Chuck is an industrial photographer with over thirty years of experience in this field.  Interestingly, many of his pieces of work are actually illustrations and paintings using Adobe in an imaginative way.  Visit his website for more examples of his work: Solve this jigsaw of one of his illustrations called Bouquet of Sunsets.