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  • Forty-eight original challenging levels
  • Eight new elaborate formations
  • One innovative game
  • Zero ads

If you enjoyed the visually compelling Kaleidoscope Series 1, you will love KALEIDOSCOPE SERIES 2. Experience the demands of matching the colors of nested rings, grapple with the layers of a bulls eye and match your wits against the eight sides of an octagon.

With KALEIDOSCOPE SERIES 2 you tangle with many different shapes as you slide, drag, rotate, shift, swap and maneuver the colors until they all match. Increase the challenge and entertainment value by attempting to lower the number of moves it takes to complete a level.

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Kaleidoscope Series 2

Kaleidoscope Series 2

Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations.

Author: Samgine

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Kaleidoscope Series 2 (Browser Game)

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