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Kids Math Added to Samgine

By John M Pattenden

May 26th, 2011

We have added a new category of puzzles and games. We’re calling it Kids Math because the majority of the content will be focused towards kids.  However, some of the games are fun and entertaining for adults as well as kids so do check out this category. A great example of a more challenging game is Magic Pyramid.  This puzzle has a Sudoku like quality but you will need to add numbers up to solve it.

We strive to offer content that will be fun and entertaining but at the same time give your brain a workout.  In many cases our content is educational too.  This new category is definitely focused on this aspect of having fun but being educational for kids at the same time .  As we add more content to this catogory you should be able to find something for kids of all ages and math ability.  For girls who enjoy “dress up” games we have Princess Math and Dress Up Math.  Boys should enjoy Skater Math.

Home educators and teacher should find this category, along with many other games on Samgine, helpful if they are looking for online games that their children can play that will offer educational value.  Additionally, Samgine only publishes puzzles and games that are family friendly.  We never offer content that contains violence, profanity or any other aspect that would be inappropriate for any member of the family.

So check out this new category and if you have kids and want them to develop their maths skills get them to play some of these games and have fun while they develop skills like addition.

To find the Kid Math collection click on this icon which you can find on the category bar at the top of any page on Samgine.