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New Home Page for Samgine

By John M Pattenden

May 16th, 2012

You have probably noticed that Samgine has a new home page. This is because we have added exciting new content to the Samgine site. To date our content has been exclusively in the area of puzzles and logic games. However we have now added access to my photographic work. From the home page you can go directly to the puzzles and games pages that you are familiar with by clicking on our “play” icon on the right of the home page. If you are interested in looking at my portfolio of photographic images then click on the “JP” icon on the left side of the home page. Several of the images there will be familiar to those of you who have solved our jigsaw puzzles. I have a series of greeting cards that are made from my photographic images. Just now we are still developing the site to display these and when they are available there will be a blog posting notifying you of this. We hope you will enjoy this new content.