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  • 50 Original Levels
  • 6 Brand New Buttons
  • Video Solutions Provided
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PaintBox is back with 50 original levels and 6 completely new button types. The objective is to turn the 10 squares to the color red, the challenge is that you don’t quite know which button combination will do the trick until you experiment.  Some will add yellow, blue, red, green or combination in a number of patterns. Some buttons move, copy and remove the colors to other squares.

Extended play: Level goals add to the challenge, when you try to complete levels with the lowest number of moves.

If you get stuck, don’t despair, video walkthroughs are provided. The videos show the solution in the lowest amount of moves. Watching how levels can be solved can also help you get better at solving other levels.

Try Before You Buy PaintBox Series One

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PaintBox Series Two

PaintBox Series Two

Figure out what effect the buttons have on the squares then use them to convert all squares to red.

Author: Samgine

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PaintBox Series Two (Browser Game)

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