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Samgine Online Jigsaw Puzzle Features

By John Pattenden

April 21st, 2010

Samgine has launched a series of online jigsaw puzzles.  We set out to offer high quality images and great functionality within the puzzle.  The playing experience starts with the option to choose from nine different puzzle cuts.  Once that selection has been made a menu bar is made available on the left side of the puzzle.  At the top of the menu bar is a timer and immediately below that is a thumbnail image of the puzzle.  Below this are a number of options to personalized the experience.  These include:

Restart – This feature is great if you are playing the clock and get interrupted
Solve – If you get stuck use this to see where all of the pieces belong
Edge pieces – A great feature for players that like to complete the edge pieces first
Puzzle cut – This is where you can select a different number of pieces for the puzzle
Background – Choose from 10 different background colors to personalize the board

To select more jigsaw puzzles to play there are two places to navigate to.  The first is the Jigsaw Puzzle Home Page which can be found by clicking on the jigsaw icon at the top of any Samgine page.  This page contains a Flash presentation of the 8 most recently published puzzles.  Below that is a display of the 8 most popular catogories, each showing two puzzles.

The second place to visit is the page that contains all of the puzzles that have been published.  This can be found by clicking on the link near the top of the Jigsaw Puzzle home page that says “Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles“.

Check back regularly because we plan to publish two new jigsaw puzzles each week.

Finally, to learn more about the photographers who contributed to this project check out my blog post about these artists.