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May 19th, 2010

More and more schools are linking to, and using, Samgine so their students can play our  puzzles and logic games.  We are delighted with this because it validates one of our my goals for Samgine which was to create a site that would have puzzles and logic games which both entertain and educate the players.  We have created a broad collection of content to achieve this and  includes word and number puzzlers, spatial awareness and pattern recognition puzzles, mazes, trivia, jigsaws  and logic games.  Another of our goals that is important for educators to know about is that we keep our content family friendly.  Furthermore, non of our games ever involve any violence.

Here are just a few educators who have linked to Samgine:

Meridian schools said this about Samgine, “the most amazing collections of puzzles we have ever seen”.

Etowah Country Public Schools has a number of links to Samgine content.

ElevenPlusExams, a UK site that offers resources for students taking the eleven plus exam has a link to Samgine.  A post in their forum recognized the value of playing spatial awareness games in getting children to gain better Non-Verbal Reasoning skills.

Here are some of our puzzles that we think students can benefit from

Word Games

Crossword Scramble

Word Works

Math Puzzle

A Maze’n Math

Spatial Awareness Puzzle


Geography Trivia