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How to solve the different puzzles. All the steps involved in solving Boxed Inn: Panic Room.

  1. Click on cell phone, bottom left of fireplace, to collect
  2. Click LEFT ARROW
  3. Collect remote, on left side of couch
  4. Click on right side of Buddha painting
  5. Click LEFT ARROW
  6. Collect Yucca plant on top of elephant
  7. Collect letter under elephant and note Zip code of “12345”
  8. Click elephant
  9. Click each colored square until each side matches adjoining square color. This image shows the number of clicks on each square needed to solve from a reset puzzle (to reset puzzle, click DOWN ARROW and then elephant)
  10. Click to collect key
  11. Click DOWN ARROW
  12. Click lock box on table
  13. Click on the key hole
  14. Click black light to collect
  15. Click DOWN ARROW
  16. Word puzzle on wall says “YUCCA HOLDS HIDDEN CAMERA”
  17. Click LEFT ARROW
  18. Click under TV (cable box/DVD player)
  19. Click “eject” button on DVD player
  20. Click DVD-R disc to collect
  21. Click DOWN ARROW
  22. Click LEFT ARROW
  23. Click above shelf to the right of the “Boxed Inn” picture to place Yucca plant
  24. Click light switch
  25. Turn lights off
  26. Click DOWN ARROW
  27. Click LEFT ARROW 2X
  28. Click “black light” on the item menu
  29. Hover on wall above “lock box” and below “chess” picture. This will illuminate the code breaker. Use this code breaker to construct a password from the “word puzzle” on the wall above and to the left. For example, the number “4” ties to the letter “Y” and is the fourth letter of the password. Full answer is “RECYCLE”
  30. Click “close” on bottom right to turn black light off
  31. Click LEFT ARROW
  32. Note on back of TV reads “M-SHOW” which is the model number
  33. Click LEFT ARROW
  34. Click light switch
  35. Turn lights on
  36. Click DOWN ARROW
  37. Click gray box on wall left of fireplace
  38. Click the 7 white buttons to spell out “RECYCLE”. Each time you click a button it will rotate until a letter is displayed. Here is an image of the solution
  39. Click on “RECYCLE” to open box
  40. Click on yellow index card to collect and note password: “PaintBox”
  41. Click “on/off” switch (middle right) once
  42. Under the “on/off” switch is the “hold” button and under that is the “next” button. Press “next” three times, press “hold” once and then press “next” two times to spell out “450792”
  43. Press DOWN ARROW
  44. Press LEFT ARROW
  45. On safe, enter these digits: 45, 07, 92 to open
  46. Click inside safe on wallet to collect
  47. Click wallet on Item Menu and click wallet twice to unfold and reveal credit card
  48. Click credit card to collect
  49. Note number “8749 9333 2456 0000”, card holder “Sam Gine” and expiration date “0508”
  50. Click “close”
  51. Click laptop
  52. Enter password “PaintBox” and hit enter
  53. Click the button with the “green M”, then the fourth button once, then the “half yellow”, then click the fourth button once, then “blue stripes” and then the fourth button once and note the user name “SamG123”
  54. Click the email tab
  55. Enter user name: “SamG123” and hit enter
  56. Click your email with the subject “Instructional video”
  57. Click the “DOWNLOAD” button and then click “OK” to the “download file” prompt
  58. Click the “back” button and click on the second email
  59. Click and follow the link “Click here to pay online”
  60. Enter the following information:
    • Card Holder: Sam Gine
    • Zip Code: 12345
    • Account Number: 8749933324560000
    • Exp. date: 0508
  61. Click “Authorize” to activate phone
  62. Click “eject” button on bottom right side of keybord
  63. Click disc tray to place DVD-R from Item Menu
  64. Click “eject” button
  65. Click “SPG_Video.avi”
  66. Click “Add Video”
  67. Click “Burn DVD”
  68. After “Complete” message click “eject” and click to collect DVD
  69. Click “Remote” tab and note where you get instructions on how to use remote
  70. Click “Remote Codes” and find “M-SHOW” which provides code “8347”
  71. Click DOWN ARROW
  72. Click RIGHT ARROW twice
  73. Click under TV on DVD player
  74. Click “eject” and insert DVD-R by clicking disc tray
  75. Click “eject” to close disc tray
  76. Click DOWN ARROW
  77. Click the remote on the Item Menu
  78. Press and hold “SET” for 4 seconds
  79. Enter code “8347” on keypad by clicking on number buttons. See image
  80. Press the “ENTER” button on the remote keypad
  81. To test if you entered the code correctly, click on and off twice and see if the TV turns off and on. If it does not, then repeat the last three steps
  82. Press “Channel Up’ twice and watch instructional video and note the code is “1238”
  83. Click LEFT ARROW
  84. Click black screen on shelf. (if screen is white with Boxed Inn logo you must click the “on/off” on the control panel located to the left of the fireplace)
  85. Click the remote on the Item Menu (if it is not still out)
  86. Press and hold “SET” for 4 seconds
  87. Enter code “1238” on keypad by clicking on number buttons.
  88. Press the “ENTER” button on the remote keypad
  89. Press the “on/off” button of the remote (repeat the above 3 steps if this does not work)
  90. Click “Close” to put remote back on the Item Menu
  91. Click on the cell phone on the Item Menu
  92. Click on the cell phone
  93. Click on the “OK” button on the cell phone. Note instructions “Press buttons so squares do not share the same numbers”
  94. Click “Close” to put cell phone away
  95. Press the left most and right most buttons in this sequence: R L R L R L R L R R R R R
  96. Click DOWN ARROW
  97. You win!
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