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The Game of Guestimation

By Matthew Lipman

March 29th, 2010

Samgine released Guestimate Game last week.

The game is simple, after being presented two real-world objects, you make a guess how many times bigger the first object is bigger than the second. Just type your guess and press enter. While the rules are simple to understand, grasping the weights of the two items in question can be a difficult task.  You may be able to process comparing a strawberry to a violin, but you may need to comprehend the small weight of a single dollar bill or something massive like a space shuttle or aircraft carrier.

Here are some tips for playing and making accurate guesses. The first item is always heavier than the second, therefore your number must be 1 or greater.  Decimals are allowed, but again, must start with 1 or higher.  For example, if I was comparing a cat and duck, I would think they were similar weights and guess around 1.5 or maybe even less. This means I think the average cat weighs 1.5 times more than the average duck. Notice my usage of the word average.  Cats and ducks and most of the objects in this game do not have a specific weight. The weight of a cat varies and this makes for a difficult challenge in this guessing game.

This game is reminiscent of guessing how jellybeans are in a jar and you can compete to see how well your guestimation skills are compared to the others who have played ‘Guestimate Game’ by submitting your high-score.

Click here to play.