More Blocks With Letters On Walkthrough

These solutions to More Blocks With Letters On will point out the important things to consider when attempting a level – if not take you through the level in steps.

    • Drop Q first, E Second, S Third
    • Drop T to convert into U and then drop to stick on bottom
    • Drop D to convert into an E and Drop L so it doesn’t convert
    • P and E need to Be Duplicated
    • Make sure when you transport letter that they stack so you can rearrange letter order on top
  4. DOOR
    • Duplicate the Letter O
    • Drop letter R or D on top of an O so the next letter can open door #1
    • D and R will have to run over the red letter rotators on the top and bottom levels
  5. WITCH
    • The G,V and J should all stick to the walls.
    • Use I to open door #1
  7. BAD
    • Duplicate A
    • Only convert one A to a B
    • Duplicated B
    • Get B across to Convert into a D
  8. ONION
    • Place T on the gray de-pinkifier and keep one letter on the mystery switch until the end.
  10. JUICY
    • What ever you duplicate, float back to the starting position and use the original letters.
  11. ERROR
    • Duplicate U
    • Slide all the letters to the left and use the Floating N to support one letter.
    • Slide the U so it turns the #1 door back on to support the final word formation.
  14. AGAIN
    • Duplicate the A
    • Bring the R and C to the Top to unlock the #1 and #2 Doors
    • Bring one S to the right, and the rest to the left without sliding over the green doors.
  16. JAZZ
    • Duplicate J and Z – making sure you are ready to get one J stuck
  17. SNAIL
    • Don’t bring the S or I down right away – you’ll need to rescue the I so it doesn’t get stuck with two pink floating blocks.
  18. DOUBLE
    • Note: In level 18 you should never need to turn a pink block gray
    • Unluck door #3 and quickly slide upward so the B can unlock door #5
    • Next unlock door #1
    • Slide U to unlock and lock door #4 so when the O falls it is caught
    • Unlock door #2 so O falls
    • Place D in the gap so O can cross to the other side
    • Bring D all the way around (use the yellow tunnel)
    • U can fall on top of D
    • Get O to unlock door #6 and keep O there for the time being
    • Get E on and then lock door #6 again
    • Get L on top of the highest green door #6
    • Rescue B first by using your pink blocks to form a bridge
    • Do the same for L and then spell the word DOUBLE
  19. PUPPET
    • Convert the L into N
    • Transport the N to the top go over door #1
    • Convert N twice into a P
    • Transport the P to the top
    • Bring the P through the transport and go left to spell PUP of PUPPET
    • Convert the  R twice into  T
  20. NO
    • The mystery switch is glue – so avoid it
    • The O will trigger all switches so make sure to keep it pink all the way to the end.
  21. FLIGHT
    • Only neccessary to open one gate
    • Bring F L and I down and so they all cross the rotator
    • Drop the T H and G and let the G open the Gate
    • Get the T H and G in place, followed by the I L and F
    • After dropping the P you can release the pink A
    • Move the P over to the right one
    • Place the pink A so everything can stack on top of the P and get the tilted A across to the rotator
    • You need to Get the D stacked on X all the way to the right so the tilted A can fall on it and transport back 2 more times
    • The Original D should make a full trip and touch every duplicator
    • Initial keep going right with the D
    • At the end of its path it should be an H right before you unlock door #1
    • Convert this  H into an O
    • The O needs to transport at the end to get the O at the end of HEDGEHOG
  24. ELBOW
    • You don’t need to get to the door #1 switch
    • Bring the L right two spaces so the D can fall on it
    • Drop the D to the left until its right side of the block/D is touching the floor between the two lower rotators.
    • Drop the L on the D and shift it right
    • Now place the D left one so the tilted E and C and fall on it and only rotate once.
    • X goes left and duplicates and use one extra X to allow all the letters to go to the bottom right.
    • Use the C to open door #1
    • D will convert into a Y after it follows the long path
  27. LENS
    • By pressing door #2 first, it enables you to get a pink square to the top and you can unlock door #4 and then #3
    • Convert an A to F starting on the right side
    • Convert an A to L starting on the right side
    • Convert an A to I starting on the left side
    • Convert an A to B starting on the right side
  29. STUCK
    • Use TK to unlock and lock #1 and #4
    • Get the C U and S to switches 2 and 3 (keep one on level 2 and one on level3)
    • Make sure one turns pink along the way
    • Use the pink block to help the T get across to switch #6
    • Use the pink block to get the K to the rotator
  30. Victory
    • The B is going to become the C and unlock door#1
    • The Y is going to need to help the I C and U navigate the rest of the level.
    • Use the images to help you along the way.